Mundy visits Biddy


Biddy McLaughlin in her cottage, November 2012

“So I woke up one day before Christmas and my wife dragged me out of the bed to go out to Dalkey to buy a painting for her brother’s 40th.
It was a rainy day and I was happy where I was.
It is always lovely to go for a spin to Dalkey but when I arrived at our destination on Coliemore Rd I was blown away.
I felt like I was suddenly in Kerry or Connemara. This beautiful old cottage with an open fire and creation everywhere. I was a little envious at first as it really seemed like an artist’s perfect dwelling.
Biddy greeted us at the half door and put on the kettle. She seemed like a wise lady who may have lived many lives and a bit of a philosopher.
Then she told us as she handed us our tea to take our time and look around.
Her paintings were uplifting and colourful. There was a story to each of them. I asked her about one in particular and the story behind was hilarious.
My wife Sarah made her decision after falling in love with a good few paintings and now it is hanging on her brothers wall in London to remind him of good old Eire.
I would recommend it to everyone to call out and experience Biddy’s Cottage of Creation.


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