From the Indo

From the Indo

Ghosts, 20"x24", acrylic on canvas

Ghosts, 20″x24″, acrylic on canvas

She was unique as a writer and Brighid “Biddy” McLaughlin has brought those same qualities to her career as an artist.

Since 2003 she has worked full-time as an artist, first as a sculptor and now as a painter. Her “naïve” style dominates her latest successful show at the Leinster Gallery in Dublin city centre.

“Saol Nua” is her fourth major solo exhibition. Although there has been sadness in her life, losing her beloved sister, Siobhan Kearney, who was brutally murdered at her Dublin home, and losing her husband Michael in a drowning tragedy, the exhibition is tempered with her normal wit and natural exuberance.

Her paintings have titles such as “Local gossips” and “Culchie Surfer” which are witty and painted in bright blues and yet these are mixed with the darker themes that have been so much part of her extraordinary life, both professionally and personally.

She lives in the seaside town of Dalkey, but Brighid also has a great affinity with Donegal. Both locations have brought the spirit of the sea to the fore in her pictures.

Self-taught, her art is charming and now much sought-after by collectors.

Recently, the famous Australian artist Michael Johnson described her as “Ireland’s leading naïve artist” and Brighid, a woman always on the move, is already planning an opening in New York.

The “Saol Nua” exhibition opened in Dublin last Monday and closes tomorrow, July 28.